Because you don't know how to play.

What exactly is iBUYHACKS?

"iBUYHACKS is a Finnish Counter-Strike team who are not related in any way to the profesional team 'iBUYPOWER'. iBUYHACKS was created in the summer of 2015 as a joke, but later once we started to get a larger audience, we decided to make it into our very own team. We are confident in our team, and hope that we can get into some tournaments and earn some recognition. We haven't entered any tournaments but we plan to very soon! We look forward to our adventure in the eSports world."

- Nitro987


As of late 2017, we have an official TeamSpeak server for iBUYHACKS. Just click the button below and TeamSpeak will open and connect to our server.


Country Nickname Name
Canada Nitro987 Justin
Finland Randooom Lauri
Finland micHe Mikko
Finland hPoppin Otso


You can contact the administrators of the official iBUYHACKS group via our Steam group or our TeamSpeak server.